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  • Strategies to Avoid Jackknifing

    How to Avoid Jackknifing a Trailer California truck drivers may wonder how they can avoid jackknifing. Jackknifing is not inevitable even if it is ...
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  • How Does Vicarious Liability Work?

    Proving Vicarious Liability in Car Accidents Many times when a commercial vehicle, such as a truck, is involved in an accident the issue of ultimate ...
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  • How Drivers Can Prevent a Pedestrian Crash

    How Drivers Can Prevent a Pedestrian Crash
    Every driver has a responsibility to make the road a safer place. A big part of that is being aware of pedestrians and exercising safe driving ...
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  • How to Pass a Truck Safely

    How to Pass a Truck Safely
    Previously, we outlined a truck’s blind spots , also called its “no-zone.” While everyone on the road should understand a truck’s visual limitations, ...
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  • Beware of Turning Trucks

    Beware of Turning Trucks
    When it comes to trucking accidents, we tend to imagine crashes on the highway, perhaps caused by poor merging technique or negligent maintenance . ...
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  • High Winds Can Pose Dangers For Road Travel

    Is It Dangerous to Drive With High Winds? Most of us are sufficiently conscientious to know that we must driver more cautiously when there are ...
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  • What Is a Truck’s No-Zone?

    What Is a Truck’s No-Zone?
    Driving down the highway or stopped at a red light, you may have seen a sign on the back of a semi-truck stating, “If you can’t see my mirrors, I ...
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  • Unexpected Causes of Trucking Crashes

    Unexpected Causes of Trucking Crashes
    Previously, we discussed some of the more common causes of trucking accidents, including driver inexperience , trucker DUIs , and other factors . But ...
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