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Preventative Actions May Reduce the Risk of Car Accident Injuries

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How to Avoid Injuries in a Car Accident

Though many California car accidents result in injuries that could not have been prevented, it is possible for drivers and passengers to take certain precautions before and during a collision that may enable them to avoid some injuries. Injuries ranging in severity from mild lacerations and bruising to serious broken bones or head trauma may be preventable.

How Do Airbags Reduce the Risk of Injury In a Collision?

Head and brain injuries can have profound effects on car accident victims' lives. People who suffer these types of injuries may experience cognitive issues, memory problems or diminished motor skills. Some traumatic brain injuries result in coma or death. Preventing these injuries may avert the need for physical or cognitive therapy, surgery or other types of intensive or long-term treatments. Choosing cars with front and side air bags provides a cushion that may prevent vehicle occupants from striking windows or doors.

Buckle Up!

The use of seat belts is cited by road safety experts as the most reliable way of preventing car accident injuries. Fractures to the face and whiplash, sprains and slipped spinal discs in the neck and back are all common injuries that occur during car accidents that can be prevented with the use of seat belts. Without seat belts, it is possible for car accident victims to be thrown against windshields or to be pushed forward and then backward suddenly. These restraints keep drivers and passengers securely in their seats.

Make Sure Your Seat Is Far Enough Away from the Steering Wheel

proper steering wheel positioning

How far away should you be from the steering wheel? Most professionals recommend that you position your seat as far away from the steering wheel as possible, while still being able to comfortable reach the pedals and wheel. You should also ensure that the steering wheel is tilted down to face your chest, rather than your face. This helps prevent you from suffering any injuries to your head or face should the airbag deploy in an accident.

Other Preventative Measures

Victims can also shield their faces and heads with their arms by wrapping their arms over their heads. This may minimize the impact of debris and other hazards.

While some car accident injuries can be prevented or minimized, thousands of people still suffer serious injuries every year due to the negligence of other drivers. Some victims choose to seek compensation for their injuries and medical bills by filing personal injury claims with a Walnut Creek car accident lawyer. If you would like to pursue compensation for your accident, contact Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook today for a free consultation.

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