California officials are still investigating what caused a driver to crash into a Canoga Park donut shop on Oct. 4. The incident reportedly happened around 9:30 p.m. when the 42-year-old female driver lost control of her SUV in the parking lot. According to witnesses, her vehicle went through donut shop before coming to rest in the road.

Due to the car crash, one person died, and at least four people were hospitalized and listed in critical condition. The driver was also transported to a hospital and later released; it was unclear whether she suffered any injuries. At the time of the report, police did not know the cause of the accident. They also did not disclose whether charges would be filed against the driver.

A car accident similar to this could happen because a driver is impaired or falls asleep at the wheel, or there could be a defect with the driver’s vehicle. When a driver is at fault, the injured victims could file a claim for compensation against him or her. If the fault lies with the vehicle manufacturer because of a defect, the victims could seek compensation from the company.

Determining the at-fault party is sometimes difficult, especially when a defective vehicle is involved, as the defect has to be examined during an investigation. Victims could seek the guidance of a lawyer to help them understand their rights for compensation and to find out against whom to file a claim. The lawyer might work with outside sources to investigate the crash and uncover further evidence to strengthen the personal injury claim.

Source: KABC, “1 killed, 4 injured in Canoga Park Doughnut Shop crash“, October 04, 2014