Reckless drivers pose a threat to other motorists on the road and to their passengers as well. Negligent drivers may choose to take risks that place their passengers in the path of danger more often than not. A reckless and negligent driver exponentially increases the chance of causing a car crash.

Three young people were recently driving in the early hours in California. They were reportedly exiting a parkway when something did not go quite according to plan. The car they were in hit a fence and then a tree with such force that the engine was actually thrown from the car.

All three occupants of the car were reportedly injured, since the car landed upended. The driver and the passenger in the front seat, two males, were apparently trapped in the car for an hour while emergency crews worked to free them from the car. The passenger in the back seat, a female, was ejected from the car. All three were eventually transported to local hospitals for treatment of their injuries, the two men by helicopter and the woman by ambulance.

The driver’s condition is said to be life-threatening. The condition of the two passengers was not immediately available. While the police investigation is ongoing, authorities have indicated that they believe speed played a factor in the crash. They have not yet ruled out whether alcohol or drugs were involved. Authorities are seeking input from the community, asking witnesses to the incident to come forward.

A victim of a car crash may have the right to file a personal injury claim under California law. Victims can use any compensation they receive and apply it toward medical bills, rehabilitation costs and lost wages, as applicable. Obviously it’s impossible to put a price on an individual’s health, but financial compensation can certainly make the situation a little more bearable as a person tries to move forward.

Source:, Three injured in car accident on California State University, Stanislaus, campus in Turlock, Patty Guerra, Dec. 7, 2013