Even with designated crosswalks and traffic signals, dozens of people are seriously injured, or worse, at pedestrian crossings every day in cities across the country. The overwhelming majority of these crashes are preventable if both drivers and pedestrians exercise caution. Following these three safety tips will help you safely navigate the crosswalk and decrease the odds that you are involved in these types of catastrophic accidents.


Before crossing the street, you should stop and look left, then right, then left again before crossing the street. This will help you identify approaching traffic and help you determine when it’s safe to cross.

Remain vigilant and keep looking left and right while crossing. Even if you have a WALK symbol, you should keep watch for any driver who is approaching too fast or who does not appear to be slowing down in preparation of stopping. Be especially careful of any driver who might try to make a right turn against the red light and through the crosswalk.


If you’re crossing at an intersection without pedestrian traffic signals (like the entrance to a parking lot), it’s often a good idea to stop at the curb and then make eye contact with the driver before crossing. While the driver should yield to you, you also need to make sure they see you and acknowledge you before you start crossing.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a pedestrian is running across the street with only a few seconds left on the crosswalk signal. It’s always a good idea to stop at the curb before stepping into the crosswalk and then look both ways.

A significant danger of crossing the street with little time left is that cross traffic may be approaching at speed, anticipating the green light. In that case, the driver might be unprepared for a pedestrian running into the crosswalk and would have to act quickly to avoid a crash. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to stop, look, check the signal, and then walk.

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