1. Distracted driving: From texting to talking to doing makeup while driving, many motorists have become accustomed to getting from point A to point B without paying much attention to the road. This puts cyclists at a much greater risk for being sideswiped, knocked off their bikes, or otherwise injured.
  2. Speeding: It’s not hard to imagine how driving too fast puts nearby cyclists at risk. By driving over the speed limit, motorists reduce the time they have to react and take appropriate precautions when seeing a cyclist.
  3. Failure to leave a buffer: Sometimes cyclists share the same lane as other vehicles, and in other cases they have a lane of their own. In either circumstance, motorists who fail to stay an appropriate distance behind cyclists or a minimum of three feet to the side are more likely to instigate a collision and injure 2-wheeled travelers.
  4. Improper merging: It’s back to traffic school for this one, and motorists must remember that using a turn signal is not a suggestion. When motorists fail to indicate their intention to merge or switch lanes, bicyclists are not able to anticipate drivers’ movements or steer clear, resulting in hundreds of avoidable crashes every year.
  5. Failure to heed cyclists’ right to cross: Many drivers see a green light and hit the gas immediately, regardless of whether signals indicate they should wait to allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross in front of them, creating many collisions and injuries.
  6. Lack of visibility: Sometimes, bicyclists simply aren’t visible to other drivers. This may be due to insufficient lighting, drivers’ failure to use headlights, hanging tree limbs, or for any number of other reasons. Cyclists can counteract such dangerous conditions by wearing brightly colored and reflective clothing when riding.


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