California is a great place for boating, surfing and almost all other types of water recreation. Unfortunately the very popularity of boating can lead to additional risks. As waters become crowded, the likelihood that boats will end up in close proximity or colliding increases. These types of boating accidents can lead to serious injuries and fatalities.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a woman lost her life and another person was injured when they were struck by a boat. The woman was standing in the water near a small sandbar while a nearby boat was attempting to maneuver in the shallow water.

According to a spokesman for the local sheriff’s office, the propeller of the boat hit the woman in the torso, causing injuries that lead to her death. Just after she was struck, a man jumped in the water in an attempt to rescue her. He was also struck by the propeller and was injured. He is now reported to be in stable condition at a local hospital.

While the investigation into this fatal boating accident remains ongoing, there is not yet any indication that the boat driver in this matter was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While not yet considered a factor in this case, alcohol consumption is commonly part of the story in serious boating accidents.

Many people who would never drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, for some reason believe that they can safely operate a boat while impaired. Tragically, this can often lead to the same results that are likely when someone gets behind the wheel of a car while impaired.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle “2 dead, 1 hurt in boating accident on Lake Havasu,” Sept 3, 2011