Authorities report that a two-car accident in La Verne in the morning of June 11 left one dead. One other person involved in the fatal crash was injured. A portion of the center divider on the highway was pushed into the westbound carpool lane. The eastbound lanes and the westbound carpool lane were closed.

According to a California Highway Patrol officer, a man was fatally injured when the collision between a truck and a sedan occurred at 3:25 a.m. on the eastbound Foothill Freeway in La Verne. The man died at the scene. The condition of the passenger in the car was not known.

The severity of the injuries suffered by the surviving passenger was not detailed in reports. After the loss of a loved one in a fatal car crash it might be difficult to construct a clear picture of liability. It may be helpful to use the results of an accident investigation by police or evidence such as accident reconstruction. An attorney representing a client in a wrongful death case may be able to determine who all liable parties are.

In this case, the truck driver might be deemed liable if the plaintiff is able to build a case that proves negligence. For example, the truck driver could have been fatigued from driving for more hours than federal guidelines for truck drivers allow. Legal action could be taken through a wrongful death claim. Certain surviving family members can hire an attorney to file a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased loved one. Damages in this type of case include loss of companionship, pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of income.

Source: KTTV, “Motorist Killed, One Injured in 210 Truck Crash”, Jeffrey Thomas DeSocio, June 11, 2014