Contra Costa, California was the scene of a fatal accident involving a family recently. A couple and their four children were passing through an intersection when another vehicle ran the red light and struck them. The driver that ran the red light was killed. It is unknown whether the driver deemed to have been at fault was distracted while driving or if there is some other reason she did not stop for the light. Nevertheless, the tragedy added more tragic statistics regarding car accidents in our state.

The parents injured in the wreck were both flown in a helicopter due to their severe injuries. Their status at this time is unknown. Their four children were transported to a children’s hospital, close to Contra Costa, and are all listed in stable condition.

While one driver in this tragic accident lost their life, the family whose vehicle was hit still has a long road to travel before the accident is behind them. The family will have medical bills and the cost of a new vehicle to consider, not to mention wages lost during their recovery. Days, weeks, or even months could be lost at work, thereby affecting their ability to care for their children.

When there are severe injuries and difficult and lengthy recovery time this can add unnecessary stress and strain to victims in car accidents. While the driver of the vehicle deemed to be at fault was also killed in this accident, the estate as well as any other owners of the vehicle he was driving may be sued in a California civil court. A successfully navigated claim could result in a monetary award to reimburse victims for financial damages sustained due to the driver’s apparent negligence

Source:, “Valley Springs resident in fatal crash,” Stephen Crane, June 23, 2013