Often, when there is a collision involving a car and a big rig, the car loses. Even an SUV cannot compete with such a big truck, as was apparent in a recent tragic car crash. Truck versus car accidents in California can be devastating for the surviving family of a deceased victim, as they are left wondering exactly what occurred. Tragically, for the family of a law student attending Santa Clara University law, the Fourth of July was not a day to celebrate.

In a case where a commercial truck is involved, there are typically many questions to be answered. Driver records and road conditions may be examined to see if any fault lies with the truck driver or the employer. No matter what the extenuating circumstances may be, a big rig driver must be aware of his or her surroundings at all times.

While preliminary eyewitness accounts suggest that the SUV driven by the victim cut the truck off, possibly causing the accident, a full investigation is still warranted. It is vitally important that fatal car accidents be investigated carefully in order to determine where the fault lies. In many cases, car versus truck crashes prove to be fatal simply because the size of the truck is massive compared to any car, no matter how good its safety rating is.

In California, truck drivers and their employers may be held liable for damages in those circumstances where their negligence is deemed to have caused or contributed to an accident. Even though the preliminary evidence in this circumstance suggests negligence by the SUV driver, her family will surely want a comprehensive investigation to determine whether that suggestion is correct. Often, the initial perceptions about the potential causes of a fatal car crash change once all of the evidence is accumulated and reviewed.

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