Two men who allegedly stole a car with another man are facing murder charges for their alleged role in the death of a California man who was in a car with his 14-year-old daughter. The girl also died in the fatal car crash. A third man, who was not present at the car accident but allegedly involved in the auto theft, is also in custody for the part he played in what took place.

The death happened after a string of events allegedly set in motion by the three men — twin teenage brothers and a 21-year-old man. The three were reportedly in a vehicle that officers were investigating for suspicious activity. When police attempted to stop the car, the driver allegedly drove directly at them, with the apparent intent to cause severe injury or harm.

A police pursuit ensued, during which time the three men wrecked their car and began to run through the nearby neighborhood. The 21-year-old was caught and taken into custody. The twins allegedly entered a house and took the keys to a truck. They then drove out of the neighborhood, causing the pursuit to continue.

According to reports, the men drove at an excessive rate of speed down the Interstate and then exited on a residential road. They then ran into the car containing the man and his teenage daughter. Both suffered serious injuries in the collision. They died at the scene of the accident, according to reports.

The twins then allegedly fled the scene once more. Law enforcement officials searched the area and went to each residence there to inform any occupants about what was taking place and caution them to stay inside. The teens were later found and arrested. One was taken to jail and the other to a California hospital.

Both teenagers involved in this fatal car crash are facing murder charges for the role they played in causing it to happen. The family members of the man and girl they allegedly killed will now have to put the pieces of their lives back together in the aftermath of what was surely an unexpected tragedy. They retain the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the two teens. A successfully litigated claim cannot erase their pain, but it can give them the means to attempt to put the incident behind them and carry on.