When a motorist does something foolish or annoying while driving, it cannot help but make the people with whom they share the road angry. The rush of emotion is easy to understand by most anyone who holds a driver’s license. What is not easy to understand is when the emotion takes over and causes the driver to do something that causes harm to others. Officials speculate that may the case in a recent California car crash.

Law enforcement officials in California think road rage may have been responsible for a recent accident that left one man dead and another seriously injured. The incident reportedly started with an altercation between a car and a pickup truck that were both going the same way. Both cars then began to race down the street, according to witnesses at the scene.

As the race continued, a third car, that was not involved in the street race, attempted to turn left. The driver of the pickup truck managed to continue on but the car with which he was racing collided with the car making the turn. The operator of the pickup truck did not stop.

Both drivers in the collision suffered serious injuries. One was taken to the hospital with injuries that were thought to be life-threatening. An update on his condition was not available at the time of this report. The driver of the other car died at the scene of the accident.

Police continue to look for the driver of the pickup truck. They say the car crash may have been caused by road rage stemming from the original incident between the car and the pickup truck. They do not think alcohol played a role in what happened.

Family members of the man who died say he had three sons, including a newborn baby. They say he was in the area visiting a friend and was heading home when the car crash occurred. As they struggle to come to terms with their loss, they have the legal right to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the man who allegedly caused the accident. If successful, it could help compensate for the loss of income, funeral expenses and other monetary damages recognized under California laws.

Source: CBS San Francisco, Fairfield Father Killed In Wreck Caused By Car Involved In Street Race, No author, Feb. 24, 2014