California police continue to investigate what caused an accident that claimed the lives of four men recently. They say the fatal car crash happened when a man lost control of his vehicle and hit a truck. They have not yet determined many other details.

Police say the man thought responsible for the accident was apparently trying to avoid traffic when he was unable to maintain control of his van. His vehicle crossed the center line, and he allegedly drove into the oncoming line of cars. He then smashed into a truck towing a trailer filled with gardening equipment.

The truck contained three men — the 22-year-old driver and two passengers age 20 and 27. All three men suffered serious injuries in the collision. They died at the accident location. The driver of the van also died before he could be taken to a California hospital for treatment.

According to a video that accompanied the print article, police worked for hours to clear the street of debris caused by the accident. They say gardening equipment and other detritus was scattered widely. They did not, however, have to close the roadway for an extended period and were able to keep traffic moving while the clean up took place.

Officials say they do not believe alcohol or drugs played a part in this fatal car crash. For the families of the men who were killed, that may not offer much comfort. They retain the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the estate of the man allegedly responsible for their loss. A successfully litigated claim may not bring back their loved ones, but it could provide the resources to cover any end-of-life expenses they may be facing as a result of this tragic accident.

Source:, “Four dead in SR 58, Fairfax Road crash”, Oscar Contreras, John Genovese, April 12, 2014