A recent rollover car accident in California highlights the risks passengers face if they are not wearing their seat belts and they are involved in a car accident. Three California residents suffered minor to major injuries after being in a rollover car accident last week, and unfortunately, one person suffered fatal injuries.

The three people were ejected from the vehicle after the driver lost control of the vehicle. Authorities investigating the accident reported that the driver was approaching a left curve and was driving too fast. That caused the vehicle to go off the road and onto the shoulder of the street.

The California Highway Patrol reported that the driver tried to correct the turn, which resulted in the vehicle rolling and overturning several times. Three of the passengers were not wearing their seat belts and during the rollover accident, they were ejected from the vehicle.

The driver was the only person wearing a seat belt during the crash and only sustained minor injuries. The three passengers who were ejected from the vehicle had moderate to major injuries after being thrown out of the vehicle.

This car accident is an example of the risks everyone faces if they are involved in a rollover accident. While no other vehicles were involved in the accident, SUVs and other vehicles may rollover and crash when a driver overcorrects or drives too fast while turning.

It is not always easy to prevent a rollover accident but drivers and passengers should make sure they wear their seat belts to prevent further injuries in the event of a crash. Just like this accident, not wearing your seat belt can result in being ejected from a vehicle in a car accident. Being ejected from a vehicle is much riskier and often results in serious injuries so to prevent further injuries, be sure to wear your seat belt at all times.

Source: Patterson Irrigator, “3 passengers ejected from vehicle in rollover accident,” Brooke Borba, June 14, 2013