Residential neighborhoods typically have lowered speed limits because of the activity of pedestrians, adults and children alike, frequenting the areas in close proximity to the street. However, there are those who do not abide by the posted traffic signs or drive appropriately for the area. The family of a young child recently had to face the tragic injury to their child who was hit by a truck in a San Bernardino neighborhood.

A California family is facing the tragedy of their child’s catastrophic injuries following being hit by a truck. The toddler, who, according to earlier reports, was attending a birthday party with her family, was struck by a truck when she reportedly stepped off the curb. According to earlier reports, the toddler was attending a birthday party when she stepped off the curb.

The driver of the truck reportedly left the scene of the accident, but family members said they followed the truck involved. The San Bernardino police report that they are still investigating the accident due to conflicting information about the vehicle. At the latest time of the report, the child was declared brain dead at a nearby hospital.

California drivers have the responsibility to stop in the event of being involved in an accident. Rendering aid not only has the ability to potentially save lives, but it lessens the chance that a driver may see additional legal repercussions. Families such as the family involved in this tragic accident may be able to file a personal injury claim against the driver to cover medical related expenses for their child who was hit by a truck.

Source: KABC-TV Los Angeles, CA, “2-year-old girl in hit-and-run declared brain dead“, , May 7, 2014