Understandably, no one who is intoxicated should operate a vehicle. Unfortunately, many people still get into the driver’s seat after they have had too many drinks. This can lead to car crash incidents, some of them fatal. A recent California tragedy underscores the point.

On a weekend evening in Stanislaus County, a local woman, said to be 26 years old, was driving a Volkswagen in Modesto. While her vehicle was stopped at a stop sign, another car crashed into it. That car crashed into another vehicle before coming to a rest. A 58-year-old woman riding in the first car that was hit was pronounced dead, although it’s unknown if she first received medical attention. The VW driver suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized.

The driver of the offending vehicle has been reported as a young man who was allegedly driving while under the influence. It is not clear if he received medical attention, although he has been arrested and charged by local authorities. If convicted of vehicular manslaughter, he would face prison time. An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the car crash is continuing.

At this point, the deceased victim’s family has the unenviable responsibility of planning for their loved one’s final arrangements while grieving her loss. In similar situations, California families whose relatives have been killed in a car crash have turned to the courts to seek remuneration to cover financial losses related to the death of someone close to them. Such expenses could include burial costs and medical expenses, as well as monetary damages related to the emotional realities of losing a loved one. Similarly, the seriously injured woman has a separate right to seek a monetary judgment for personal injuries suffered as a result of the tragic car accident.

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