Whenever a devastating car crash occurs, there can be long lasting impacts on those involved. These injuries are often disabling not only physically, but also mentally. In car accidents where you sustain severe injuries, you may also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder which could impact your entire life.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (commonly referred to as PTSD) is most often associated with soldiers returning from war. However, it can occur with any traumatic experience, including to those who experience accidents involving death or injury and to victims of sexual abuse.

It’s important to know that PTSD and mental trauma can play a role in your car accident claim. Mental injuries following catastrophic physical damages are compensable, and it can be vital to helping you move forward following this daunting experience.

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After a crash, you’re encouraged to see a medical professional to determine the severity of your physical injuries—such as diagnosing a brain injury, spine injury, or other catastrophic damages. The medical diagnoses and treatment plan you receive is vital for both your health and potential claims for compensation, but mental health diagnoses may also be important for your recovery.

If you are experiencing mental or emotional issues after an accident, you should also speak with a mental health professional. If the symptoms are sufficiently severe, you may be diagnosed with PTSD, which requires comprehensive therapy to be alleviated. The costs of treatment for PTSD and the attendant pain and suffering from the mental trauma could be important items in your personal injury claims.


Post-traumatic stress following an accident can cause a significant impact on your life. In this situation, you may experience various triggers that evoke memories of the crash. Sounds such as a blaring horn or tires screeching can make it difficult to even step foot in a vehicle again.

Triggers can be devastating in any scenario. You could be walking on a sidewalk and hear a crash in the distance, and this may be enough to cause you to experience fear, anxiety, and to re-live your traumatic experience. PTSD can emerge during an anniversary of your incident or could also lead to seasonal affective disorder, which makes your symptoms worse in low-light times in winter.

In any case, treatment is vital to helping you overcome the many impacts associated with post-traumatic stress. While it’s not easy, it is possible, and these are some of the things you should keep in mind whenever you suffer from PTSD after an accident:

  • Have a support system you can reach out to whenever you experience a trigger
  • Find out what can help you to avoid situations where triggers may be present
  • The R.A.I.N method: recognize that PTSD exists, allow it to exist, investigate why it’s happening, and make it a non-identifier

Severe physical injuries alone can be difficult to endure. However, experiencing mental trauma can make an already stressful situation more devastating. It’s vital to ensure you understand your rights whenever you experience post-traumatic stress disorder after a serious car accident.

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