When a California resident becomes injured in a car crash that was caused by another driver, there are a variety of different symptoms that can result. In some cases, the victim can even suffer from cauda equina syndrome. This syndrome causes people to suffer from back pain that becomes so severe that they need immediate surgery.

Cauda equina syndrome occurs when something is compressing the roots of the spinal nerve which are located in the lumbosacral spine. If medical treatment is not sought immediately, the person could suffer from incontinence or even permanent paralysis of the legs. This syndrome can result from a ruptured lumbar disc, stenosis or even a spinal fracture. It is not uncommon for these types of injuries to occur in a car collision or from complications during medical treatment following a crash.

If permanent damage does occur, the syndrome will be chronic and can have a permanent impact on the person’s life. This means that the injured person may not have the ability to continue working, they may have to leave school or they may be required to seek ongoing treatment. They may also need help from a social worker, a physical therapist and even a sex therapist or continence adviser depending on the limitations that are faced.

Because catastrophic injuries resulting from a car crash can have a severe, permanent impact on a person’s life, a personal injury attorney may assist with filing a lawsuit against the responsible driver. The damages that are often sought in such an action include the costs of the required medical care and treatment as well as lost wages where applicable.