The holiday season is a time that is typically filled with joy for most families. Families gather together to celebrate the blessings that the past year has brought them, and toast in anticipation of what might come in the new year. That is just one reason why a fatal car crash may seem especially tragic — because it comes at a time that is usually so full of celebration.

One California family was recently impacted by a fatality, and several other families were impacted by injuries that resulted from a multi-car crash that took place on Christmas Day. According to reports, a couple was traveling in their truck in the early evening hours, when they were struck by a car driven by a 19-year-old who had apparently run a stop sign. That driver was apparently traveling at about 80 miles per hour.

The couple’s truck flipped over and eventually collided with another car. In the process, the woman was thrown from the truck and was pronounced dead. It was not immediately clear if she was pronounced dead at the scene or later at a hospital. It was also not reported if she was thrown from the truck because she was not wearing a seatbelt.

The driver of the truck suffered major injuries as well. The driver of the car who allegedly caused the accident also suffered major injuries. A passenger who was in the car that was struck by the truck sustained minor injuries. The three surviving people involved in the accident were taken to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries.

While police are still investigating the cause of the accident, they have determined that speed was a contributing factor. They have also indicated that they do not believe drugs or alcohol played a part in the tragedy. That does not mean that criminal charges will not be filed against the driver believed to be responsible for causing the car crash, however. Victims of such events in California may have a right to pursue compensation via a personal injury claim for their pain and suffering, medical bills, rehabilitation costs and lost wages. For the family who lost a loved one in this incident, a wrongful death suit may also be an option.

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