A man wearing a cast on his right foot was allegedly driving when charged with misdemeanor manslaughter following a fatal accident involving another man last week in San Francisco’s Castro District, according to prosecutors.

The 60-year-old driver entered a not guilty plea to the charge and was released from custody when the $10,000 bail bond was posted, a spokesman from the district attorney’s office said.

Police and prosecutors report that around 10:40 p.m. on Sept. 6, the driver made a left on to 14th street in his Ford Explorer after traveling south on Noe Street. At the intersection, he allegedly struck a pedestrian who was walking across the crosswalk. The 59-year-old pedestrian passed away as a result of his injuries following his arrival at San Francisco General Hospital. The driver is scheduled to make another court appearance for his pre-trial conference on March 16. The actual trial is scheduled for April 13.

The District Attorney noted in a statement that he believes this tragedy could have been avoided. He also mentioned four other fatal crashes as well as how important road safety is over the holidays.

In one of the other cases mentioned, misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges were filed against a bicyclist. The bicyclist, a 23-year-old, allegedly ran a red light while on his bike and struck a pedestrian, causing the fatality. He entered a not guilty plea to the charge a month ago.

Another case involving a driver of a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus alleges the driver struck a 23-year-old woman causing her fatality. She was allegedly crossing the street on Aug. 19 at Hartford and 18th. This case is still under consideration.

Source: KCRA News, “Driver In Cast Charged With Vehicular Manslaughter,” Dec. 22, 2011