An auto accident near Chula Vista that occurred on Jan. 10 left four dead and another person with critical injuries. The crash took place at approximately 2 a.m. close to Industrial Boulevard and Main Street. The accident involved an Acura vehicle as well as a van. The four people killed were inside the Acura at the time.

According to authorities, the driver of the Acura was speeding and heading southbound on Industrial Boulevard. The car went through a red light on Main Street and collided with a Honda Odyssey van traveling west. The Odyssey was carrying a driver and four passengers at the time. Upon the collision, the Acura was flung away from the van and then was cut in half when it crashed into a traffic light pole.

The four occupants of the Acura included three people who were thrown from the vehicle and died at a later time in the hospital and one who was pronounced dead at the scene. Another person inside the Acura survived with critical injuries. Two occupants of the Odyssey were reportedly injured. It is not known what the cause of the fatal accident was or whether drug or alcohol use was involved in the situation.

Fatal car accidents may result in wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits if there were both surviving injured victims and fatalities. The families of the deceased victims may want to seek funeral and burial expenses and other damages if it is determined that the driver acted negligently, through excessive speed or intoxication. Surviving victims may obtain compensation for their medical bills as well as any wages lost due to having to take time off from work. The estate of a deceased driver who was found to be negligent in an accident may be named as a defendant in such an action.