When a car accident happens, sometimes there is a clear and direct cause to which authorities can point. In many cases, the decision is made to file charges against one or more people who are determined to be at fault. Other times, things are not so certain. Police are still investigating a recent car crash here in California that took five lives and forever changed a family.

At this time, there is no discernible explanation for why the collision occurred. Authorities say that a mother was driving in the evening with her four children in their SUV as their father followed in a separate vehicle. Another vehicle ran a stop sign and hit the SUV, pushing it across the street. The SUV caught on fire and all occupants of the vehicle died before they could be freed. The father, upon arriving at the scene, tried to save his family but was unsuccessful and was even burned in the process.

At this time, officials have said they do not believe the woman who was driving the car that hit the SUV was impaired when the crash happened. They also do not have reason to believe that she was driving excessively fast. However, police have emphasized that they have not concluded their investigation and will file criminal charges if it is deemed necessary.

This car crash may not have a definitive cause at this time, but the fact remains that five lives have ended because of it. The father is certainly suffering from the loss of his family. Even if the woman in the other car does not face criminal charges, the California father may make the decision to pursue a civil case against her if it is determined that she caused the accident. If a claim were successfully litigated, it could result in financial restitution for the father and any other surviving family members. Such monies could be used to help him move forward with his life.

Source: Chicago Tribune, Mother, four children killed in fiery car crash in California, Victoria Cavaliere, Feb. 16, 2014