Several lanes of the Stockton Crosstown Freeway were closed following a vehicle collision shortly after 2 p.m. on Oct. 31. Officers of the California Highway Patrol reported that the driver of a truck hauling a trailer collided with a big rig at the Highway 4 and Interstate 5 connection. Officials stated that the driver of the truck lost control of his vehicle shortly before the crash.

After the initial collision, the big rig struck and passed through a guardrail on the side of the freeway. The big rig then fell off of the overpass before striking a tree. Following the collision, several lanes of Highway 4 and Interstate 5 were closed for safety. The driver of the big rig was reported dead at the scene, but the truck driver was uninjured.

The CHP indicated that rain on the day of the crash may have created wet road conditions, potentially playing a role in the collision. The closed lanes were reopened to traffic after approximately two hours.

When a truck accident results in a loss of life, the family of the deceased may wish to pursue legal action. If that is the case, an attorney may be able to build a claim which shows evidence of negligence on part of another individual or entity.

When a vehicle collision occurs during adverse weather conditions, a picture of liability may begin to emerge. An attorney may be able to show that a driver was negligent by not exercising due care while driving on the highway. In inclement weather, drivers are expected to exercise caution. Drivers who willfully ignore this expectation may be found liable in a collision scenario.

Source: KCRA, “Lanes reopen after deadly crash on Stockton’s Crosstown Freeway“, Shawn Brouwer, October 31, 2014