A semitrailer can be an amazing piece of equipment, capable of hauling impressive amounts of cargo. Sadly, accidents involving big-rigs often result in serious injuries or fatalities to the victims involved. As these trucks are substantially larger and heavier than standard automobiles, it is no wonder that they can do significant damage with very little effort. Unfortunately, these types of incidents seem to occur far too frequently. A recent truck accident in California, involving a semi and two other vehicles, resulted in injuries to two individuals and claimed the life of another.

This horrific event occurred at the end of January in San Bernardino County. The driver of a semi apparently ran through a red light and struck two vehicles. This accident turned into a hit-and-run incident when the truck driver reportedly did not stop after the crash but, instead, kept going and supposedly abandoned his truck a short time later. When local authorities first reached the accident location, they found that two people were injured and another person had been killed in the incident.

Local authorities eventually found and arrested the man they believe to be responsible for this accident. At this time, if any charges are pending against this individual, those charges have not been made known to the public. So far police have not released much information regarding this case.

Those who have been injured or lost a loved one as the result of a truck accident may be entitled to seek compensation. The victims who were injured in this case may be able to pursue personal injury claims and the family of the victim who was killed may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim, all of which may be made against both the driver and his respective employer. If liability is confirmed, a civil court in California may award the injured victims and the deceased person’s family monetary compensation for the damages that have resulted from the accident.

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