A recent car accident in California resulted in a star-studded rescue. A 17-year-old teen lost control of his Mustang and flipped the car near Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey’s home. The car accident, which happened at the end of April, left the teen barely conscious and scared “for his life.” After the boy lost control of the vehicle, it rolled over three times, landing upside down.

The accident trapped the teen in his vehicle. Dempsey rushed to the boy’s aid, quickly using a fire extinguisher and crowbar to get the teen out of the vehicle. After the actor got the teen out of the vehicle, Dempsey contacted the paramedics. Dempsey and his wife, along with three other neighbors, stayed with the teen until he was airlifted to the hospital.

The actor is 46 years old and plays Dr. Derek Shepherd on the show. The actor also called the teen’s mother to let her know how her son was doing. The teen’s mother said that the actor had a “certain authority” in his voice and she asked him if he was a paramedic. When he told her who he was, she thought, “McDreamy?”

Both the teen and his mother are grateful that the actor was able to pull the teen out of the wreck and stay with him until paramedics arrived on the scene. The teen was treated for a concussion and an eye injury, but will make a full recovery, according to media sources.

Source: People, “Patrick Dempsey Rescues Teen from Car Crash,” Stephen M. Silverman, April 30, 2012