Every driver has a responsibility to make the road a safer place. A big part of that is being aware of pedestrians and exercising safe driving techniques whenever you see someone preparing to cross the street.

Some drivers get nervous when they see a pedestrian standing at the curb, and they’re not sure whether they should yield or keep going. To help you on your next drive, we’ve put together these tips exploring how drivers can prevent a pedestrian crash.


When you see a pedestrian, slow down. People are unpredictable at the best of times, and children may run into the street without thinking about the consequences. Slowing down when you see a pedestrian gives you more time to react, and it reduces the force of impact in a potential crash.

Whenever you see a pedestrian, try to anticipate their movements. If it looks like someone on the sidewalk is about to step into the street with no crosswalk nearby, you should be cautious and yield as needed to avoid a crash.


Never pull into the intersection when someone is still crossing that street, even if they’ve made it more than halfway across the road. When you see a pedestrian, you must be patient and give them ample time to cross the street. Remember that some pedestrians have physical impairments and need additional time. Next time you’re at an intersection, remember to stay behind the line and don’t pull out until the pedestrian has reached the other side of the street.


If you see a pedestrian standing at the curb, staring at you, you should yield. According to the California Driver’s Handbook, when a pedestrian makes eye contact with a driver, it means they are ready to cross and that the driver should yield, even if that pedestrian isn’t at a marked crosswalk.

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