Large cranes, manufacturing equipment, and other pieces of heavy machinery exist on industrial work sites. With their presence, the potential of danger heightens, putting you and other employers at risk of severe harm when you don’t have proper training.

In situations where you must use heavy machinery, it’s imperative to ensure no errors exist. Unfortunately, many of the problems that occur when using heavy machinery stem from issues involving other workers’ negligence or manufacturer error.


Large and heavy machinery requires safety, but other workers who don’t have as much experience—those within your company or from different companies at the site—can create potential problems. If another worker is unsure of how to safely use heavy machinery, potential injuries can occur for all workers within the area.

Machine operators have the tasks to set up, monitor, operate, and troubleshoot their machinery. When they disregard safety, they put others at risk. In this situation, any injured workers can hold another worker accountable for the damages they sustain.


Manufacturers must ensure that any heavy machine they manufacture is safe for use. This includes:

  • Guarding workers from sharp or dangerous objects
  • Ensuring the design of a machine is safe from hazards
  • Manufacturing parts of a machine properly to prevent defect
  • Warning of any potential hazards that may exist

If a manufacturing error leads to a machine operator suffering harm, the injured worker can pursue legal action against the manufacturer. Such errors can be a result of a defect in the specific equipment or in the design of the equipment that makes all similar devices unreasonably dangerous.

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