Pressure cookers and multicookers are automated cooking appliances that can cause severe injuries when defects are present. Sometimes, these injuries are relatively minor, but other times, they can impact an individual for life.

You may have a valid product liability claim if you’ve suffered an injury in a pressure cooker or multicooker accident. These claims result from injuries caused by defects in a product’s design, manufacturing, or marketing.

Common Causes of Pressure Cooker Explosions

As their name implies, pressure cookers cook at high pressures (and temperatures). When a container under high pressure fails, the results can be explosive.

Four main components of pressure cookers lead to explosions when they fail:

  • Seals and Gaskets – The seals on a pressure cooker must withstand high pressures and temperatures. The container can burst if a seal breaks down under heat or can’t hold back the pressure.
  • Pressure Release Valves – Before you can open a pressure cooker, you need to release the pressure. In some cases, these pressure release valves are faulty. That can lead to a pressure cooker opening before it fully releases the pressure, resulting in an explosion.
  • Lid Locks – If the lid on a pressure cooker fails to lock, the pressure building within the device will not be contained, which can be very dangerous for anyone nearby.
  • Electronics – Sometimes, electronic components fail rather than mechanical ones. If there’s an electrical malfunction, it can lead to a pressure cooker or multicooker overheating and exploding.

Legal and Safety Standards

California’s product liability laws serve to protect consumers. Manufacturers and sellers can be liable for injuries caused by defective products they made or sold. They must ensure that:

  1. The design of the product is safe
  2. The product is free from defects introduced during the manufacturing process
  3. The safety warnings and instructions are accurate and easily accessed

Injuries Resulting From Pressure Cooker Accidents

Two leading causes of injury when a pressure cooker or multicooker explodes are debris and hot contents.

Because these devices operate at high pressures, an explosion can rip them apart. When that happens, pieces of the device can strike and injure anyone nearby. The debris can break bones and cause severe lacerations.

Potentially more dangerous is what’s inside the pressure cooker. These devices get hot, and anything inside will be hot, too. Even if an explosion doesn’t occur, a less spectacular failure can still expel scalding food onto nearby individuals. This hot food can stick to the skin and cause severe burns. These are very painful injuries that require extensive surgery and often result in permanent scarring.

Potential Compensation in an Exploding Pressure Cooker Claim

If you suffered injuries due to a pressure cooker explosion resulting from a product defect, you may have a claim against the manufacturer. A knowledgeable product liability attorney can help you pursue compensation for your injuries and other losses, including:

  • Medical expenses, including anticipated future expenses
  • Lost income and lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

Your lawyer will review the facts and determine an appropriate dollar amount that would fairly compensate you for your injuries. They’ll file claims against the manufacturer and any other liable parties, negotiate with insurers, and, if necessary, file a lawsuit and fight for your compensation in court.

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