Recently, a woman was awarded $5.6 million as a result of her injuries sustained in an elevator accident. 48-year-old Amy Zapotoczny, a single mother, suffered a torn labrum as well as herniated disks in her back. The accident occurred in March 2013, in a building owned and managed by Sierra Pacific Properties. Zapotoczny worked in the building and was on her way down to the lower garage when the elevator suddenly dropped twice. It would later be revealed the company elevator was fixed with plastic zip ties.

Liability was divided, splitting 60% between Sierra Pacific and the remaining 40% to Schindler Elevator Corporation, though Sierra Pacific made a statement claiming the entirety of damages and attorneys’ fees will be paid by the elevator company. Following the accident, Zapotoczny reported an inability to move her legs as well as an excruciating sense of pain. In the 4 years after the accident, she has undergone 4 surgeries for her neck, back, and shoulder pain. She is currently considering cervical neck surgery as she has lost the ability to look down, affecting her hobbies including reading, as well as ruining her future aspirations of being a nurse.


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