The California Public Utilities Commission has agreed to reduce a fine that was levied against Limo Stop for a deadly limousine accident that took place in 2013. According to the new settlement, the Burlingame limousine company will pay $5,000 instead of the original $20,000 fine it was ordered to pay. The company succeeded in obtaining a 75-percent reduction by arguing that investigators never satisfactorily proved that the company’s actions had contributed to the death of five passengers.

In May 2013, a newlywed bride and four of her friends were killed in a car accident after they became trapped inside of a Limo Stop vehicle that caught fire on a bridge just south of San Francisco. The limo driver and four other friends of the bride managed to survive the fire.

According to the results of an investigation by the California Highway Patrol, the limo fire was ignited in the rear passenger compartment after the rear suspension system in the converted Lincoln Town Car experienced a failure. Investigators also concluded that Limo Stop had allowed two more passengers to ride in the vehicle than what is legally permitted, and the company had neglected to screen all of its drivers for alcohol and drug use.

The family of someone killed in a limo fire like this one may have a strong case for filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Since there may be multiple parties that could be held liable for a victim’s death, a family may wish to consult an attorney before filing suit. An attorney may be able to help the family identify all of the parties who are responsible for their loved one’s death and seek the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Source: The San Luis Obispo Tribune, “Agency cuts fine for limo company in fatal fire”, July 17, 2014