Fremont residents are seeking changes on a roadway that has been plagued by car accidents for years. The problem area is a curving road named Grimmer Boulevard — also known by residents as “Dead Man’s Curve.”

Residents say that at least 14 car accidents have occurred on the boulevard in the past years. Several of these accidents have resulted in serious injuries, including fatalities. In the past month, one driver died after crashing through a neighborhood house, and another was seriously injured in a separate accident.

One local couple has had eight drivers smash through their backyard fence. Their yard borders the South Sundale and Irvington neighborhoods. The constant fear of accidents has affected their quality of life, making it hard to relax in their own backyard.

Neighbors say the problem is that Grimmer Boulevard was not properly designed. Its curve radius is 580 feet for its outside lane, which leads to auto accidents. A 35 MPH speed limit sign has been posted, but so far it has not deterred speeding motorists. Residents have also suggested the installation of a guardrail between the curb and sidewalk, and an electrical sign flashing “slow.” So far, no changes have been made.

City officials say solutions are being discussed, but things are still in the preliminary stages. Possible solutions proposed by the city include increasing the road’s signage to warn of the upcoming curve or applying a high-friction coating to help vehicles avoid sliding. Installation of a guardrail is also a possibility.

A solution is undoubtedly needed as the number of car accidents in the area continues to increase. Whether these accidents are a result of poor design or distracted drivers, a solution needs to be implemented to prevent future injuries.

Source: The Oakland Tribune, “Fremont neighbors want roadway changes in area plagued by vehicle accidents,” Chris De Benedetti, Oct. 4, 2012