An accident in San Diego on Oct. 22 resulted in one driver losing his arm, according to reports. The terrible accident occurred at 10:30 a.m. at the intersection of University Avenue and 54th Street. The collision happened between a Toyota Prius and a pickup truck.

According to reports, the Prius driver was driving east on University when he entered the intersection on a green light. The pickup truck’s driver allegedly ran a red light on 54th Street, colliding with the driver’s side of the Prius and heavily damaging it. The Prius’s driver reportedly lost his arm after his car slid and overturned from the impact of the collision.

In addition to the injured Prius driver, a passenger in the pickup truck also suffered minor injuries in the accident. Both were transported by medical personnel to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. The truck driver and another passenger in the truck were apparently not injured. Police arrested the driver of the truck for felony drunk driving following the collision. Law enforcement continue to investigate the accident, and the man remains in custody facing criminal charges at this time.

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Source: KSWB, “Man loses arm when pickup crashes into car“, Bob Ponting, October 22, 2014