It is no secret that motorcycle crashes often are deadly. Nearly 80% of all American motorcycle crashes (4-in-5) cause injury or death. While these crashes can be tragic, there is something every motorcycle rider can do to significantly decrease their risk of injury in an accident: wear protective gear. As the saying goes, “dress for the slide, not the ride.”


Motorcycles are intrinsically more dangerous than cars. There is no seatbelt to tether riders to the vehicle. There is no crumple zone to reduce the force of impact. The overwhelming majority of motorcycles do not have airbags to protect riders. Instead, motorcycle riders in a crash are often thrown from their vehicle and tumble across the road.

For this reason, most motorcycle riders in a crash will experience road rash. This is a painful friction burn that can be further complicated by glass shards and other debris left on the road. Other riders will suffer severe spinal or brain.

Motorcycle riders are largely responsible for their own injury prevention methods, and that primarily comes down to the way they dress.


While California has a helmet safety law for motorcyclists, it is essential to recognize why this exists. According to the CDC, wearing a helmet reduces the risk of death in a motorcycle crash by almost 40% and reduces the risk of head injuries by 70%. Of course, a helmet is just one way to reduce injuries.

Motorcyclists can also reduce the risk of injury by wearing padded jackets and gloves that will disperse friction from the road without injuring the rider. Kevlar pants and armored boots are equally important and can reduce the risk of an open wound by up to 90%.

By investing in armored gear and remembering to wear it, motorcyclists can significantly reduce their risk of injury or death if they should ever find themselves in a serious crash.

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