The guitarist, singer and songwriter David Crosby was involved in a pedestrian accident on the evening of March 22 according to the California Highway Patrol. The accident took place near the musician’s Santa Ynez residence in Santa Barbara County. According to a CHP report, Crosby was traveling at approximately 50 mph when his Tesla sedan struck a jogger. The posted speed limit in the area is 55 mph.

Audio recordings released on March 25 reveal that Crosby was highly concerned about the condition of the jogger during two 911 calls he made immediately after the pedestrian accident. Police say that they found no evidence indicating that the 73-year-old musician had been drinking or taking drugs, and they say that Crosby told them that he did not see the jogger because the sun was in his eyes.

The 46-year-old jogger was transported by paramedics to an area hospital suffering from broken bones, cuts, and bruises. He is expected to recover. Police say that the man was running on the right side of the street when he was struck by Crosby’s car. Pedestrians are generally encouraged to walk or jog against the flow of traffic.

While the facts in a case like this may not lead to criminal charges, a personal injury attorney could still claim that the driver acted negligently. Driving at a high rate of speed in an area with pedestrian traffic could be considered reckless regardless of the posted speed limit, and this is especially true if a motorist’s vision is compromised. A personal injury lawyer might be able to use evidence of reckless or negligent behavior to demonstrate a driver’s liability for the damages stemming from a crash.

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