California pedestrians are constantly threatened by the dangers that vehicles present. They have absolutely no protection against the large, heavy vehicles that cross their paths many times a day. What most pedestrians do not expect, however, is that a pedestrian accident can occur after just having a conversation with the person who strikes them.

A pedestrian was recently hit by a car at a winery. A man and a woman had been standing in front of the man’s car having a conversation. The man proceeded to get in his car and started to drive away. What he didn’t notice, however, is that the woman had bent over in front of the man’s car to retrieve something from the ground, though it was not clear as to what that object was. Authorities report that the woman’s injuries were major, and she was transferred to a local hospital for treatment; she passed away at the hospital later.

It was not immediately clear if alcohol was considered to be a contributing factor in the accident. Authorities did indicate that they were still investigating the accident, however. There was also no indication as to whether authorities were considering pressing any charges against the man who struck the woman.

Obviously the family members of the woman who passed away are left with an unspeakable grief. There are likely financial burdens as well, from medical bills to final expenses. Any victim of a pedestrian accident, or the surviving members of someone who perishes because of such an accident, may have cause to file a case under protection of California law. Any financial compensation that is made can also be applied toward lost wages and loss of companionship.

Source: nbcnews.com, Fatal accident at Northern San Luis Obispo County winery, Ed Zuchelli, Dec. 20, 2013