The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released data regarding pedestrian traffic deaths, and some of the findings may be surprising to California residents. In 2012, over 4,700 pedestrians were killed in the United States, and around 76,000 were injured. This means a person died approximately every two hours from being struck by an automobile. This represents an increase of 6 percent from 2011 and the greatest amount of traffic fatalities in five years.

An overwhelming majority of pedestrian deaths in 2012, 89 percent, took place during clear or cloudy weather without rain, snow or fog being factors. Additionally, 70 percent of pedestrian deaths that year occurred at night, 70 percent occurred at non-intersections, and 73 percent occurred in urban areas.

Another finding in the study was that the majority of pedestrians killed in accidents in 2012 were men, who represented 69 percent of deaths. Additionally, the fatality rate for males involved in these crashes was 2.13 per 100,000 population compared to 0.91 for women. The male injury rate was higher as well, with 27 per 100,000 population compared to 21 for women.

The damage that someone can suffer due to being hit by a car can be enormous and deadly. If individuals survive, they may be permanently disabled, and even if they are not, extensive medical attention may be necessary. Someone who has been in an accident may be able to recover the costs of medical bills, lost wages and other damages, and a lawyer may be able to assist an individual seeking this compensation.

Source: NHTSA’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis, “Traffic Safety Facts Pedestrians“, October 24, 2014