Many car accidents only involve two vehicles and injuries can range from minor to serious. California residents are involved in many accidents a year, and those found to be at fault can face steep penalties, not to mention criminal and civil litigation. The driver of a Hummer involved in a string of multi-car crashes could be facing all of the above after a recent series of events.

A man driving a Hummer allegedly attempted to flee the scene after running into a guard shack at a gated community. California officials claim that the driver then caused several car accidents before finally losing control of his vehicle and coming to a stop. Once stopped, a Good Samaritan attempted to help the man from his vehicle. The man then tried to steal the Good Samaritan’s vehicle and leave the scene.

Luckily, police were able to stop the man and end the escapade. Situations in which someone is attempting to leave the scene of an accident can lead to a chase by police, putting lives in even more danger. This reckless driver was already purportedly responsible for multi-vehicle crashes and damage to a guard house. Many people could have been injured and more property could have been damaged had this driver been able to continue in the stolen vehicle.

In an incident involving reckless driving and multi-car crashes as is alleged in this case, many people can suffer serious injuries. When that happens, they may find themselves facing significant medical and other related expenses. This may entitle a victim who was injured at the hands of an allegedly negligent driver the opportunity to file a personal injury lawsuit. Drivers have a responsibility to consider the well-being of others when operating motor vehicles.

Source: Source: Contra Costa Times, “Reckless driver causes string of crashes in Rancho Cucamonga,” July 10, 2013