Recreational sports can be a healthy and fun way to get out and find some fun and exercise in San Francisco. Many children and adults find entertainment in activities such bouncehouses, jumping on trampolines, or even skydiving. While many individuals partake in these activities without injury, because of the nature of these activities, it is crucially important that all equipment is properly maintained and that proper training is provided for all participants. Failing to do so can have tragic consequences.

In a tragic fatal accident on Tuesday outside San Francisco, a skydiver lost his life when he crashed to the ground. While the skydiver’s parachute had opened he died after landing in a shallow pond. Rescuers attempted to revive the man using CPR but were unsuccessful.

The victim in the accident was reported to have been an experienced and physically fit skydiver. The 32-year-old man had made his living as a skydiving instructor. His death was the sixth fatal accident at this particular skydiving facility in the last 15 months.

According to witnesses he was circling as he approached the ground with his parachute deployed, but appeared to be in some sort of trouble as he did not turn his body upright or pull up as he got closer to the ground.

Even for an experienced skydiver who had made more than 1,500 successful jumps it takes only one thing to go wrong to change an exciting and fun experience into a tragedy. If you have been injured in a recreational activity accident it is important to consult with experienced counsel that understands the nature of these injuries and how they can impact your life forever.

Source: CTV News, “Ontario man killed in skydiving accident in California,” John Size, Dec. 28, 2011