A suspected drunk driver’s actions on the road triggered an accident that snared six cars on the eastbound side of Interstate 8 in California recently. The drunk driving accident injured two children.

The alleged drunk driver was arrested by the California Highway Patrol after they assert that he or she was driving 90 miles per hour along the road. The driver suddenly cut through four lanes of traffic before colliding with an SUV. The SUV was carrying two adults and as many children at the time of the crash.

The impact of the collision sent the SUV down a steep embankment, overturning it on its 120-foot drop descent into the ditch. It came close to reaching oncoming traffic that was heading west on the highway. A person who witnessed the crash said it appeared to be such a violent accident that they expected the occupants of the SUV to be severely, if not fatally, injured.

While the injuries to the children were not expected to be life threatening, they were brought to an area hospital where doctors tended to their injuries.

Those were not the only injuries in the massive crash, either. Two others were brought to a local hospital to be treated for injuries, and authorities did not immediately know the extent of their injuries. Two other individuals, a man and a woman, were trapped in their car after immediately after the accident.

Very shortly after the crash, police stated that 10 cars were likely involved in the accident, but the more accurate number was four to six. Other cars that were at the accident site were motorists that pulled over to help emergency crews.

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