In any industrial job, you can expect to work with countless pieces of machinery. From heavy-duty equipment to small tools, the equipment you use is vital to your ability to complete your day-to-day tasks. It’s critical for each piece of equipment you use to keep you from harm.

Unfortunately, many of the machines that you may encounter can have specific defects that put you in harm’s way. You should know what types of machine defects can exist, the dangers, and who you may hold accountable for any damage you sustain.


There are numerous dangers associated with defective machinery, including serious injury or death. Here are just a few examples of how machine defects can cause workplace accidents:

  • You may experience injuries in an explosion resulting from improper venting, flammable gases, or chemicals.
  • You may fall from a high area or have something fall on you because of a defective crane, man lift, or ladder.
  • You may suffer electrocution because of defective voltage detectors.
  • You may sustain severe lacerations or amputation because sharp equipment lacks safety guards.


When a defective machine causes you harm, it’s vital to recognize the parties against whom you may take legal action. For instance, defective machinery may have originated from the machine’s manufacturer, either as a result of a ‘one-off’ manufacturing defect or an issue in design. It is also possible that the machine was manufactured correctly but the defect was a result of negligent maintenance or repair. An example of a manufacturing design defect could be a lack of safety guards on sharp equipment.

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