A California truck accident at two in the afternoon this past Sunday left two people injured. The crash occurred at 2 p.m. when the truck reportedly careened off Highway 168. Apparently overheated brakes cause the accident in this case, according to California Highway Patrol. Unfortunately accidents like this can happen when drivers and trucking companies do not take all of the necessary steps to properly maintain their fleet.

One of the sergeants on the scene of the crash reports having a conversation with the driver of the truck. The driver indicated that, as he was coming down the hill, he was trying to shift down from fifth gear in an effort to slow down the truck. However, the shifting of gears did not slow the truck’s momentum. Witnesses of the truck prior to the crash reported smoking brakes, and that there were no way the brakes on the rig were going to stop that truck. The crash resulted in the truck driver being trapped inside the vehicle.

After being rescued from the crash, the trucker driver and his passenger were flown by helicopter to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno. Their current medical condition is unknown. Investigators are still working on the case, and they do not believe alcohol or speed were issues causing the truck accident.

Improper truck maintenance could lead to accidents that are far more serious than this one, including long-term injuries and death. When semi trucks are not properly maintained they can pose a serious risk not only to their own drivers and passengers but everyone else on the road as well. It is the truck driver and the trucking company’s duty to ensure all trucks are properly maintained in order to prevent passenger care injuries or fatalities.

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