Three college football players are in the hospital, having sustained serious injuries in a California car accident. The three players were riding in a car with two other individuals when the driver attempted to avoid an obstacle in the road, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and hit the center divider. This caused the car to swerve into another lane of traffic. Once the car had stopped moving, the driver exited the vehicle to look for any damage, at which time an oncoming car struck the vehicle and its driver.

Three of the students were taken to a hospital to be treated for their injuries, including the driver. One of the players is reportedly using a ventilator to breathe and remains in the hospital in critical condition. The driver of the other vehicle also suffered major injuries and was transported to a medical facility.

The drivers of both vehicles were arrested on suspicion of operating their vehicles while intoxicated. Officers say that while they did not conduct on-site alcohol or drug tests, they had reason to believe that both individuals were inebriated. Both drivers later received blood tests while at the hospital. The student’s preliminary toxicology screening showed a negative result, but the official report will not be released until the police complete their investigation of the accident.

Even if both drivers test negative for drugs or alcohol, they could still face additional charges or violations. However, a public information officer for the San Francisco California Highway Patrol said that such actions would not be taken until the investigation is finished, which is not likely to happen for several weeks.

Source: Gilroy Patch “Collision Sends Gavilan Students to Hospital,” Corinne Speckert, Nov. 7, 2011