A frightening situation worsened for a man who barely avoided going over a cliff in his SUV while driving on Malibu Canyon Road. A statement from the sheriff’s station in Malibu-Lost Hills explained that a tour bus struck a man who escaped his vehicle that was teetering over the edge of a cliff. The man had apparently lost control of his SUV that almost flew into the canyon.

A picture of the vehicle shared on Facebook showed the SUV teetering on the edge. The accident had disoriented the man, who walked into the roadway after exiting his vehicle. Emergency personnel found the victim breathing and awake. Paramedics from the highway patrol and the fire department treated his injuries before he was taken to a hospital.

The hospital has yet to provide a public statement about his condition. The CHP plans to investigate the pedestrian accident. The local sheriff’s office took the opportunity to remind motorists to drive cautiously on canyon roads.

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Source: USA Today, “Man Escapes SUV Dangling Off Cliff, Then Gets Hit by Bus,” Josh Hafner, April 4, 2016