It has been reported that a woman died in a fatal rear-end collision that occurred on Feb. 16. The accident occurred in the northbound lanes of the 57 Freeway around 12:20 p.m.

Investigators stated that a person driving a 2008 Ford SUV was driving about 65 mph. He reportedly failed to notice that traffic ahead of him had slowed to approximately 20 mph. The man driving the SUV first rear-ended a 2010 Toyota in front of him, a collision which then sent the SUV veering into another lane, where he reportedly next struck a Lexus.

Both the Toyota and the SUV were left spinning from the collision. The SUV then broadsided the Toyota on its passenger side before the vehicles came to a stop. A woman in her 40s who was riding in the back seat of the Toyota was killed in the accident, while another woman sitting in the left rear of the Toyota suffered major personal injuries and required transportation for treatment. The driver of the Toyota, two more passengers and the SUV driver all received minor injuries in the accident. It is unclear whether any of them were transported to the hospital for treatment. The driver of the Lexus apparently was not injured in the multiple-vehicle accident.

When a person is killed in a car crash as a result of another driver’s negligence, the decedent’s family members may want to consider filing a wrongful death civil lawsuit. Through such a suit, a family may be able to hold the driver liable for their loved one’s death. If successful the driver will be responsible for paying damages in order to compensate the person’s family for the losses sustained. Those who have lost a loved one in a car accident may want to speak with a personal injury attorney.

Source: San Gabriel Valley Tribune, “1 killed in collision on northbound 57 Freeway in Diamond Bar”, Stephanie K. Baer, Feb. 17, 2015