Much of the time if you think of the consequences arising out of an incident such as a car or truck accident, your first thoughts may be connected to things like compensation for injuries or recompense for property losses. But injuries do not always have to be to you in the physical sense to be legally compensable; they can also take the form of emotional harm, such as when the accident in question claims the life of a loved one. A wrongful death action is one way through which this kind of indirect mental emotional injury can be addressed when the loss of life is the fault of another.

California law codifies wrongful death as a statute for purposes of making a legal claim. But establishing such a claim can involve much more than simply reading the law. Applying the statutory provisions in reality can be a complicated endeavor

We at Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook hope that you will never have to become more experienced with California wrongful death law than by reading our webpage on the topic. Still, fatal accidents and other incidents will always happen as a matter of statistical certainty, and if you find that you have unfortunately had a family member become a “statistic” in this way our focus is not only to help you to seek compensation but also a sense of closure. Our focus is always to protect and advance the interests of our clients throughout the entire process of a wrongful death claim — starting with investigating the facts, through negotiations with defendants and their insurers, and even on to litigation should that become necessary.

Wrongful death cases can be very mentally exhausting and emotionally traumatic to pursue. We understand this well through our experience with our clients, and will always be mindful of what you have gone through that made you consider our legal services in the first place. To find out more about how we can help you to cope with the aftermath of losing a loved one through a preventable death, we encourage you to contact us to arrange for an initial no-cost consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys.