From the very beginning to the very end Andy Schwartz was always there for me.

If you are reading this then you are likely feeling completely lost and in need to find a lawyer to help you with something that has caused a dramatic change in your life-I know because I have been there. I was nothing more than your average, everyday person just trying to survive and make it through another day when all of that changed for me in a split second. Our young family of four were driving on the freeway when a cargo van crossed the center median and hit us-killing both my husband (age 26) and our oldest daughter (age 3). Our youngest (19 months) was air lifted to Oakland’s Children’s Hospital and I was driven by ambulance to the nearest hospital. From this moment on my mind was a blank sheet of paper still in shock from what just happened but it soon became evident I needed to take legal action for the wrongful death of my husband, child, a daddy, a sister, and inflicted injuries. Thankfully, for me, I have strong family supporters and friends. With all of my side of the family being in the medical field a surgeon my mom works with told her about Andy Schwartz and about how wonderful he was with a recent case of theirs. Andy Schwartz came highly recommended. They gave us Andy’s number and said they would also call Andy Schwartz and give him my number after telling him what had happened. Before I got home that night Andy Schwartz had called me and expressed how important I and this case was to him. Per my agreement, and by Andy’s desire, the next day he drove all the way to where I was staying (A several hour drive) to meet myself and my family and to discuss what he can do for me. It was from that moment and meeting Andy face to face that I felt completely confident with Andy as the person representing myself and our youngest child. From the very beginning to the very end Andy Schwartz was always there for me. He went above and beyond with everything and even helped me with some personal matters that had nothing to do with this case which I highly thank him for. He takes the time to really get to know you and everyone involved and not because it’s his job but because he sincerely cares. He did for me in half the time what it should normally take which has helped my youngest and I get back onto our feet after such a horrible tragedy. If you want a confident person you can trust to fight for you Andy Schwartz is the right guy. My youngest and I would not be where we are if it weren’t for Andy Schwartz and for that we will always be so grateful.

Thank you Andy!

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