Sideswipe accidents are often misunderstood and disputed. Drivers will often disagree over who is at fault. However, if one of the vehicles involved is an enormous truck, the damage this might cause could be extreme, especially to smaller cars and their occupants. According to the National Highway Safety and Transportation Board, many sideswipes are caused by trucks and large vehicles changing lanes.

If you’ve been sideswiped by a truck driver, make sure to document the scene as much as possible and seek medical attention if you are injured. Call one of our skilled Walnut Creek truck accident attorneys if you would like to pursue a personal injury case to recover the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering caused by this accident.

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Sideswipes occur when two vehicles moving in the same direction collide. These happen when one or both of the drivers are distracted, trying to change lanes, or making a turn.

They can also be caused by some of the following:

  • Inattention by the driver
  • Drunk driving
  • An object on the road
  • An object in a blind spot the driver can’t see
  • Distracted driving


The injuries caused by truck sideswipe accidents can be severe. Drivers in smaller cars could sustain harm to the limbs, suffer internal bleeding, or get a traumatic brain injury. Likewise, damage to the head and neck might not be immediately apparent but could have a lasting effect on your ability to work and function.


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