Ridesharing services offer a convenient way to get around the Bay Area. But that convenience comes with a high price: ridesharing accidents have become increasingly common. At Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook, we have the skills, resources, and determination to take on big tech companies like Uber and Lyft.

If you have suffered injuries in an accident caused by someone driving for a ridesharing company that caused you to be injured, you need the powerful representation we provide. Our Walnut Creek ridesharing accident attorneys understand the complicated insurance rules governing transportation network companies and the challenges of filing an injury claim.

When you work with us, we will handle all the legal details so you can focus on recovering. Above all, we will provide trustworthy advice and personalized attention and fight for the compensation you deserve. 

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what Are The Leading Causes Of Ridesharing Accidents In California?

What are the Leading Causes of Ridesharing Accidents in California?

Ridesharing accidents typically involve several contributing factors:

  • Uber and Lyft do not thoroughly vet drivers’ backgrounds and only require them to be licensed for one year.
  • Rideshare drivers work long shifts, putting them at a higher risk of fatigue than other drivers.
  • Rideshare drivers use GPS to navigate and connect with passengers via smartphones, increasing the risk of distracted driving.
  • Rideshare drivers may speed to transport as many customers as possible during a shift.
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Ridesharing accidents become more complex when other drivers are involved, which means your injury claim may involve the Uber or Lyft driver, the rideshare company, the other motorist, and their respective insurance companies. 

With so many moving parts, you need an experienced ridesharing accident attorney to protect your rights. That’s where our firm steps in. We have a proven history of success in rideshare accident claims and will fight to win you just compensation.

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rideshare Accidents Can Result In Severe Injuries

Rideshare Accidents Can Result in Severe Injuries

Common injuries due to ridesharing accidents in the Bay Area include:

If you have been seriously injured in a ridesharing accident, let our team help you get the medical and financial resources you need to recover. Because we understand your physical, emotional, and financial challenges, we will not charge any attorneys’ fees until we obtain compensation for you.

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understanding Insurance Coverage Ridesharing Accidents

Understanding Insurance Coverage Ridesharing Accidents

Insurance coverage depends on the rideshare driver’s status at the time of the accident. For instance, if the ridesharing app is off, then the Uber or Lyft driver’s automobile insurance will be your primary source of coverage. 

If the rideshare driver is on duty (the app is on) but has not yet connected with a passenger, the driver must carry more than the state-required minimum liability coverage. During this period, the ridesharing company must provide additional liability insurance of $200,000. 

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Finally, when a ridesharing driver is transporting a passenger, the rideshare company must carry a mandatory minimum of $1 million in liability insurance, which will be the primary coverage for damages. 

Given the complex insurance scheme governing ridesharing services, you need an attorney who can determine the rideshare driver’s liability and take the best course of action. Although insurance companies often attempt to deny claims and pay as little as  possible, we know how to turn the tables and get every dollar you deserve. 

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how Our Firm Can Help?

How Our Firm Can Help?

Once you become our client, we will handle all the details. Our experienced ridesharing accident attorney will:

  • Investigate and photograph the accident site
  • Obtain and review police reports 
  • Identify and interview witnesses, including the rideshare driver
  • Subpoena the driver’s smartphone app data
  • Review the driver’s record 
  • Negotiate a settlement with the rideshare company and their insurance company 

If the insurer fails to honor the full value of your claim, we will file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. 

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how Much Is My Ridesharing Accident Claim Worth?

How Much Is My Ridesharing Accident Claim Worth?

No two injury claims are the same; the value of your claim depends on factors such as the driver’s status at the time of the accident, the nature of your injuries, and the available insurance coverage. In any event, you may receive compensation that includes economic and non-economic damages:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitative Costs
  • Lost wages – present and future
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Permanent disability/disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

If you have lost a loved one in a ridesharing accident, we can help you file a wrongful death lawsuit to obtain just compensation for your loss. No matter your circumstances, we will offer you compassionate representation and personalized attention and guide you every step of the way. 

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talk To A Walnut Creek Ridesharing Accident Attorney Today!

Talk To A Walnut Creek Ridesharing Accident Attorney Today!

With so many rideshare drivers in the Bay Area, the risk of accidents is high. At Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook, we work to hold responsible parties accountable and protect the rights of accident victims. Contact us today so we can start working on your ridesharing accident claim.

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