Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook believes everyone deserves to be treated fairly after an accident. Insurance companies sometimes see things differently, though. After a motorcycle accident, they often blame the rider and deny them fair compensation. If you were in a wreck that wasn’t your fault, you should prepare to team up with a powerful and experienced legal team like ours.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Danville are prepared to do everything that is necessary to bring a successful claim. The outcome of your case could shape your recovery, comfort, and well-being for years to come. We understand the stakes involved and fight hard to achieve a successful outcome for you.


Motorcyclists depend on their helmets and apparel to protect them from injuries if they are in a crash. There is no metal frame around them to absorb the impact. This limited protection means that the average motorcyclist is at a high risk of suffering a life-changing injury in a wreck.

We have helped motorcycle accident clients with a variety of injuries, such as:


The value of your motorcycle accident claim will largely depend on how the accident occurred and the severity of your injuries. The worse you have been injured, the more medical treatment you will require, which means the cost of your treatment will increase. This may mean the value of your case increases to ‘make you whole’ through civil justice.

Damages that add to the value of your case include:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability


In a personal injury claim, liability is a legal term for fault or blame. The more liability you have assigned to you for your motorcycle accident, the less compensation you can recover from the defendant.

In California, a pure comparative negligence rule is used for liability and damage recoveries. Under this rule, your recovery is reduced directly by your percentage of liability in a trial. For example, if a jury determined that you were 25% liable for the wreck, then you can only collect 75% of your damages. This is why building a liability case effectively throughout all stages of the claim process is critical to obtaining fair compensation.

The evidence we can use to prove liability includes:

  • Video footage, such as helmet cam footage or surveillance videos
  • Police reports
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Accident scene evidence, such as skid marks and property damage
  • Accident reconstruction evidence


Our Danville motorcycle accident lawyers are ready to help you with your case. We have over 40 years of experience in helping motorcyclists throughout the Bay Area in obtaining fair compensation for their injuries.

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